...always keeping marketing in mind.




From Graphic Design, creating for Any Medium... to Web Design, Programming for Front‑end Development & Site Applications... I'm confident for starting and finishing Any Media project.

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When I design, I keep marketing in mind, always gearing the content, advertising and flow of the media towards attracting the intended audience.

Having skills with every program in Creative Suites, I'm confident I can create or manipulate any graphic, layout or animation...for any print or web media. I also have a great interest in programming login applications for clients, by setting up their database for their own site changes. View my portfolio for examples and view my services to learn more on how I code.

A couple things you might not know...

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  • My Likes:
    Golf! | Bowling | Warm Weather | Coffee | Tea | Cigars | Wine | Making Stuff Work
  • TV Channels:
    ESPN, Science, Discovery, History..(Knowledge Is Power), CNN, Comedy Central, ....
    no Sitcoms.
  • My Dislikes:

My Favorite Quote: "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I may remember. Involve me, I'll understand."-Chinese Proverb


View my past completed
and current projects below.

- Web Projects -

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- Graphic Design -

Print Layouts

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Business Card - [Ken P Media]
Business Card - [Tessler Golf]
Direct Mail Magazine Ad – [JB Dollar]
Direct Mail Magazine Ad – [JB Dollar]
Direct Mail Magazine Ad – [JB Dollar]
Magazine Ad - [Young's Screenprinting]
Car Magnet – [Shooin Co.]
Yellow Page Ad - [99designs]
Yellow Page Ad - [99designs]
Flyer - [Shooin Co.]
Marker Package - [99designs]
Direct Mail Magazine Ad - [Town & Money Saver]
New Item Counter Sign - [Caporaletti's]
Direct Mail Magazine Ad – [JB Dollar]
Poster - [Young's Screenprinting]
Magazine Ad - [99designs]
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Vector Illustrations

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Vector Chrysler Crossfire
Logo - [Tessler Golf]
Logo - [Lockhart Legacy Stables]
Road Sign - [Lockhart Legacy Stables]
Logo - [99designs]
Logo - [Lohman Consultants]
Logo - [99designs]
Restaurant Logo - [School 02']
Logo - [99designs]
Logo - [99designs]
Logo - [99designs]
Logo - [99designs]
Logo - [99designs]
Logo - [99designs]
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- Extra Projects -


From creating and manipulating any vector, graphic or layout… to setting up a client's server, database, email campaign and processes for optimum search engine results… to programming front‑end development for client‑side interactions as well as site applications for server‑side changes, I'm confident in my skills for starting and completing any media.

I also have skills and knowledge with Flash/ActionScript 3 as well as Video and Audio production for making a video clip. Send me a message and I'll show some examples.


I take pride in completing any client design as if it were my own, putting much detail and care into targeting the intended audience for the promoted piece.


I concentrate on easy flowing navigation and layout as well as catching the eye of the user for promoting what the site/business is offering, while taking into detail site functionality for fast and easy user‑feedback.


Whether it's designing a logo or creating an icon, I am confident in my skills for creating any vector illustration or graphic being used for both print or optimized for the web.


From having knowledge for taking good photos with a DSLR camera, to manipulating the photo's colors, highlights, etc., to accurately cutting anything out of a photo, while optimizing it correctly on the web from desktop view to mobile, I am confident in my skills for producing a photo in any way needed.


I have an eye for good layout and always focus on grabbing the attention of the readers. From flyers to business cards, to posters and ads, I will create for any medium.


A good layout keeps the user engaged in the site. I design the flow of content so the user doesn't get lost, finding what they're looking for fast and easy.

I gear for developing dynamic websites with a responsive design (Desktop to Mobile) and can give the client control for making their own site and email campaign changes. I am always learning and staying current with new software, applications and keeping up‑to‑date with the W3 for deprecated and newer coding aspects.

Coding Aspects:


I strive to write clean code as well as using proper metatags and links in the header for responsive design layouts and targeting certain browsers, while keeping cross‑platforming browser techniques in mind for older browsers. I also code by properly using tags within the HTML5 outlining process helping for better SEO, which you can view my sites outline structure Clicking Here.

("HTML 5 Outliner" by Geoffrey Sneddon -GitHub)

SEO Techniques

Along with properly using the HTML5 outline, I add a sitemap as well as create an XML sitemap for the server and add it to the robots txt file, to then also submitting that XML file to search engines when going through each of their verification processes. Along with the keywords and description metatags, when necessary, adding Geo-Tags for a geographical location helps SEO with some search engines.


I design the site after some research, getting a grasp on the colors, feel and style for what the site is about. In using a responsive layout, styles stay the same from desktop, to tablet, to mobile and when using photos, each screen size uses a smaller pixel photo, keeping the mobile size photos smaller for saving phone bandwidth.

Coding Aspects:


I code CSS in shorthand. I understand CSS3 and all the possibilities for styles and object manipulations, yet also code for cross‑platforming techniques as well as attaching a different stylesheet in the head for older IE browsers.
My process since learning SASS, which allows for nesting ID's and Classes has been using Aptana to write the code, while a command prompt is open and watches then converts the SCSS to CSS, then Dreamweaver automatically updating my newly saved CSS file. Using SASS also allows for a better structure when developing a responsive design.


I'm confident in making anything function in the desired way wanted to on a site, be that in the back‑end or on the front‑end through using JavaScript and PHP.

Coding Aspects:


I like using JQuery to code JavaScript, for manipulating and traversing through elements in the DOM tree, rather than grabbing an element with a getElementById. JQuery is also written well for creating functions that cross‑platform better across browsers. I also link to JQuery files using the Google CDN since cached on most browsers.


I use PHP code for collecting and sending data to and from the server, as well as use PHP for my contact forms on a page. The PHP sends the client information about the activity on a form and the content typed in by the user as well as the PHP sends the user information the client wants to immediately respond back with after the user submits the form.


To give a client control for making changes to their site, I create a secure log‑in to an application, where they are able to see the sites content in a form of what is live and change that content then submit for instant changes to the site. I do this with their database on the server and manipulate that with phpMyAdmin. With their login, they can change their password, add other users with permissions for making changes, or see activity going on in the application... and more.

Coding Aspects:


To sum up the process, to give the client control of making changes to the database, the login happens and connects to the database with PHP and MySQLi. The changes being made in the application are driven with JavaScript/AJAX that communicates with a PHP process file using JSON and SQL to change the fields in the database.


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Great place to look for vector works. When I need something quick or even an idea for creating my own vector graphics, this is a great site to come to. The downloads provide the Ai document, so I can manipulate the nodes of the illustration to fit my needs for the project.


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