Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

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Hi, I'm Ken P. Take a look around, view past projects and check out the skills I can bring to the table. From Graphic Design, Web Design and Content Management System Applications to Video Productions and Audio Mixing... I've had a good taste of knowledge for starting and finishing any project. Open up my Jukebox and enjoy my favorite picks while you browse.

About Me

I like making things work for revenue. When I design, I keep marketing in mind and always gear the content, advertising and flow of the media towards attracting the intended audience. Check out my layouts, designs. I'm always adding more and updating my site's and projects, come back when you're free.

A couple things you might not know...

My Likes: Golf! | Bowling | Warm Weather | Marketing & Advertising | Making Stuff Work
TV Shows: Discovery, History..(Knowledge Is Power), Sports Center... No Sitcoms

My Dislikes: Spiders

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My Favorite Quote/Proverb...(with my daughter in mind)
"Tell me, I'll forget.   Show me, I may remember.   Involve me, I'll understand. "
― Chinese Proverb

My Portfolio

Web Projects

-Web Projects-

Caporaletti's Pizza

Caporalettis Pizza
View Site
  • - April 2011(2014 Redesign)-
  • Web Design: HTML-CSS3-JQuery-PHP (AJAX app coming soon)
  • Additional: Email Campaign - Print Ad Layout/Design

Silver Spur Training Center

Silver Spur Logo
View Site
  • - March 2014 -
  • Web Design: Responsive(Mobile)-HTML5-CSS3-JQuery-PHP

Tessler's Golf

Tessler's Golf
View Site
  • - June 2012 -
  • Web Design: HTML-CSS3-JQuery-PHP-(soon -AJAX-MySQL)
  • Additional: Logo - Email Campaign(Mail Chimp)

Extreme Elements

View my Proposal for a Redesign coming soon

Extreme Elements
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  • - January 2013 -
  • Web Design: HTML-CSS3-JQuery-PHP


-Vector Logos/Illustrations-

Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo


-Print Layout-


-Flash Creations-


CBT Flash Games

Kidsland Matching CBT I Know That Word - Flashcards CBT
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Services & Skills

My services range from Web Development/Design and CMS programming, to Flash, JQuery and anything interactive...to Ads, Flyers, Graphic Arts, Logos, anything illustrated in Vector...to having knowledge for Video Production and Photography.

My skills include Web UI, Ad design and layout, fluency in many coding languages (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, AJAX, JSON, MySQL) and database design with phpMyAdmin. I have experience and knowledge with all programs in Adobe Creative Suite's, from before CS1 to using every version up to CS6 and CC... plus having knowledge in using Adobe Director 11, Adobe Elements, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, MailChimp, Office and more. I quickly learn any program needed when I don't have the one to complete a project.

Send Me a Message and see if you like my ideas for what you need.

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Send me a message if you're interested in my services, I'll respond as soon as possible.
Thanks. - Ken P.

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